julio 2, 2019

Yolanda’s Anti-inflammatory Agua Fresca

We like the whole ingredients of this agua fresca that include nopales, antioxidant rich parsley and pineapple. Nopales or nopalitos are the pads of the nopal or prickly pear cactus, well known for its high antioxidant, vitamin, mineral, and fiber content. Nopales contain quercitin, a highly anti-inflammatory flavonoid specific for the treatment of allergies. And they are traditionally used throughout Mexico to lower blood sugar in type II diabetics. Pineapples contain digestive enzyme bromelain, which aids in the digestion of fats and acts as a natural anti-histamine.

Yolanda brought some of her agua fresca, which she drinks daily for allergy relief, to the community garden to share. With pollen counts high in the late spring air we were thankful for the anti-inflammatory refreshment!

1 nopal (de-spined*, edges peeled)
parsley, small bunch
spinach, 1 cup fresh leaf
celery, 1 stalk
pineapple, 4 slices
apple, 4 slices
cucumber, 1 small cucumber
chia seeds, 1 tsp.

Blend all in the blender. Easy and done!
* see Angeles’ Nopales Asados recipe for instructions on handling those spiny nopales


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