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Updated: 5/17/22

Herb Donation Guideliness 2022

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Bulk Dried Herbs

OUR TOP 10 Tea Herbs
- these are what we use the most.

Herb / FoodScientific Name
ChamomileMatricaria recutita
PassionflowerPassifora cerulea or incrnata
Marshmallow rootAlthea offcinalis
HibiscusHibiscus spp
Milky OatsAvena Sativa
TulsiOcimum tenuiflorum
NettlesUritica dioica
Dandelion rootTaraxicum officunalis
RoseRosa spp
CinnamonCinnamonum verum or zeylanicum

Other commonly used herbs

Herb / FoodScientific Name
ArnicaHeterotheca spp
BurdockArcticum lappa
CalendulaCalendula officinalis
Comfrey LeafSymphytum officinalis
CornsilkZea maiz
Dandelion leafTaraxicum officinalis/
ElderberrySambucus nigra
ElderflowerSambucus nigra
ElecampaneInula helenium
FennelFoeneculum vulgare
FeverferTanacetum parthenium
GingerZingiber officinalis
GoldenrodSolidago spp.
LavenderLavendula spp.
LemonbalmMelissa officinalis
MintMeta piperita
MotherworthLeonorus cardiaca
MugwortArtemisia vulgaris or douglasiana
MulleinVerbascum Thpsus or bombaciferum
Orange. Tangerine PeelCitrus sinensis
PlantainPlantago major
Raspberry LeafRubus ideaus
RosemaryRosmarinus off.
SkullcapScutellaria officinalis
St. Johns's WortHypericum perforatum
SweetleafMonarda spp.
ThymeThymus Vulgaris
TumericCurcuma longa
ValerianValerian officinalis
YarrowAchillea millefolium

Supply Donations

Supply Donations

Food / Good Donations

Please email us for more information. Thank you for rising up as a leader in our community and taking action to get our bilingual mobile herb clinic on the road!

If you wish to make a financial contribution please donate. Your donations directly fund massages and herbal medicine for farmworkers; free wellness workshops; mutual aid garden kits and more!

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