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Botanical Bus Herb Clinic arrives soon 

The Botanical Bus Bilingual Mobile Herb Clinic Helps Share Indigenous Herbal Knowledge

Eighty-six-year-old Georgina Rivas grew up in the Peruvian countryside. Her mother’s pregnancy was difficult and Rivas owes her very life to herbal medicine.

Now, Rivas shares her lifelong herbal knowledge with her Sonoma County community. Another Sonoma County woman, also from Peru, struggles with intense anxiety. The deep herbal knowledge of her own ancestors has proven to be the right medicine for her.

These women are part of a growing community coordinated by the Botanical Bus Bilingual Mobile Herb Clinic ()

La Luz offers free workshops on how to make herbal remedies at home

Passing around fresh sprigs of rosemary, Jocelyn Boreta tells a small group of women to draw the sprigs through a closed hand to release the herb’s oils, then inhale the aroma. The fragrance is stimulating and a good pick-me-up when a 3 p.m. nap sounds appealing, she said. In the kitchen of La Luz Center, Boreta is teaching the group how to use commonly found herbs – such as rosemary and sage – and spices in a medicinal manner for improved health in a series of workshops called “Recetas y Remedios” or Recipes and Remedies. (…)


Curanderas Rising

Guadalupe Vasquez used to go to the doctor’s office three times a month. Vasquez, 35, battles diabetes as well as liver and kidney problems. Her pain was so severe, she once fainted in the emergency room and had to be put on a morphine drip. Last February, fed up with feeling crummy, she joined the Farming for Health program at Bayer Farm—a six-acre urban garden and community park located in the heart of Sonoma County’s Roseland neighborhood—and has noticed a distinct improvement in her health (…)  

Latino Community Embraces Herbs for Healing

“The mission is all about empowering people to feel good in their bodies — and to create leaders who feel pride and value in their indigenous knowledge,” said Boreta, after the class comes to a close. “They know these plants and they know how to use them.” (…)

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