Apprenticeship Paths into Clinical Practices

In recognition of the disproportionate access to education and certification programs in integrative health and in alignment with our mission to empower holistic healthcare by-and-for Latine and Indigenous people, we provide Latine and Indigenous herbalists paths into clinical practice. 

In 2023, year two of our clinical apprenticeship program, 70% of previous year apprentices joined our team as staff to provide specialized care in their own communities. We welcomed three new apprentices to 180+ hours of paid training March – November 2023. This year’s apprentices joined us for additional training opportunities including; six hours of trauma informed care training with On the Margins Inc. that centers Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and sociocultural and organizational trauma; and 24-hours training with our team of Promotora CHWs as part of our Land-Based Convivencia Training Program for intergenerational knowledge sharing and mentorship.  

A word from last year’s apprentice and newly hired Clinical Herbalist, Daniela Myers-Guzman: “I cannot express enough how much this mentorship opportunity has deepened my education and widened my perspective on working with someone as a clinical herbalist.”

This year we witnessed the great value of cultural knowledge in the clinical setting, creating platforms for equitable learning between herbal apprentices and certified/licensed practitioners. This learning (and unlearning), allows us to provide safe, effective and culturally centered care to our clients through the incorporation of clinical protocol, evidence based practice and expertise in Latine and Indigenous healing traditions.