Respira Tranquila Melita

Love our lungs! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine grief is housed in the chest. Take a deep breath….that tightness you might feel can be associated with the emotions of sadness, fear and stress. This resonates with us right now in the time of COVID-19 when those with compromised respiratory health are at heightened risk of infection. What can we do to reduce inflamed respiratory passages and breath a little easier? Here is a simple remedy using elderflower + orange peel + local raw honey which is known to relieve allergy symptoms (runny nose, itchy throat and eyes) and reduce the inflammatory histamine response. We love to stir this blend into a cup of nettle tea for strong anti-histamine action.


  • 16 oz raw local honey
  • 1 cup Elderflower (fresh blossoms or dried)
  • 1 cup Orange Peel (finely chopped fresh or dried)


Fill the Mason jar with herbs, cover and fill to the top with honey. Let stand for 1 month. Strain if you like or leave the herbs in for a stronger medicine. The blossom and orange peel are delicious, especially when covered in sweet honey!

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